Fantasie on Old 100

I had this piece on my homepage, but took it down a while back.  I wasn't satisfied with it as it was.

I reorchestrated parts and changed some things.  I'm happier with it now and wanted to know what you all think.

It's based on  the "doxology".

Any and all comments welcome.

Fantasie on Old 100.mp3

Fantasie on Old 100.pdf

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  • I like it. Well orchestrated, varied, pleasant sounds. 


  • I like the overall arch of this piece, with the development to the climax at about 4:00, then a gentle finish. Thanks for posting. 

  • Hi Tim

    Good inventiveness. Orchestration.

    my only recommendation. I was waiting for the music to "break out" which it does in bar 22 so I found the slow beginning a little too drawn out.
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