Fanfare For Earth

"Fanfare for Earth" for Brass and Percussion. I have been working on a series of fanfares here lately. In the video, "Fanfare for Earth" ends at around 3'30" then "Festiva Fanfare" begins. So feel free to stop listening after the first fanfare ends since I already posted Festiva Fanfare on the forum.

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  • A "Space Fanfare"?!?  Now I'm really curious to see what you come up with for that one!

  • Rodney, I am not sure I can give you much more than a vague subjective answer. The FFE, of all the works you've posted, is the melody that most lingers in my mind after the piece is over and time has passed. Not to say I don't recall your other fanfare melody, or other work I've commented on, but this one stood out.  It's got good "spaces" in it too, by which I don't mean silences, but places in the score where even though things are still going on, the main melody is not playing. Somehow that added to my enjoyment, by allowing me time to savor what had happened. It's also, for lack of a better word, very "fanfare-y," I think you really nailed the genre. I remember a show I saw a while back about the Beatles which featured a lot of musicians commenting on their work, and the best comment in the whole show to me was when they had David Lee Roth on (Yes! That David Lee Roth!) and he was asked "Why do you think the Beatles are considered to be the best band of all time?", to which he replied by first naming a bunch of Beatles song titles. Then he paused for a couple of seconds, looked directly at the camera, and said "As I said the names of those songs, everyone hearing me was thinking of the melody of each song, and that's why the Beatles is the greatest band of all time." In other words, he was saying that if music is memorable that can be a sign of how good it is. I found FFE memorable.

    Rodney Carlyle Money said:

    Thanks Gav! I am happy to hear that I finally came up with another piece you enjoyed. Energy and memorable melody, I think you hit the nail on the head of what my goals were. I am a big fan of the forbidden parallels also, they give everyone the melody, and my next fanfare will feature them but in a different and more modern way. I just went on YouTube and heard the score to Exodus for the first time. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and I am honored that you thought of the movie during my fanfare. I know that you thought Festiva Fanfare lacked heart, did you hear any heart in this fanfare or did you like "Fanfare for Earth" for different reasons rather than heart?
    Fanfare For Earth Fanfare for Earth for Brass and Percussion. I have been working on a series of fanfares h…
  • Nice horn sounds.

  • Just listened to both Rodney :-)

    I'm not particularly keen on dominant brass orchestral works but I must say that the power behind these two pieces really appealed to me, especially Festiva Fanfare, probably because I found the theme easier to engage with, thus more pleasing for a first listen, but that's just a matter of personal taste ... Very well written scores !

    Oh ... And I don't find the Garritan horns sooooooo bad as to attempt to camouflage them with excessive reverb !! Granted, you'll be over the moon with your Cinebrass core & pro purchases ;-)



  • Hi Gav, thank you so much for the additional information especially the story of David Lee Roth and the Beetles, and I loved your explanation. It was very clear, and you made my day!
  • Thanks for stopping by Justin. The sounds from Fanfare for Earth were Garritan which I don't use anymore and Festiva Fanfare was CineBrass Core.
  • Hello Jean-Michel, thanks for listening and commenting to both of these little fanfares. It means a lot to hear your thoughts. Which theme in Festiva Fanfare did you find easier to engage in? I'm just curious to know if you do not mind. You are correct, it is all personal taste. Nobody is going to like the same piece.

    I fear that I may be putting Garritan out to pasture. I may buy their new piano someday but Cinesamples is now my go to library. Being a brass player I am tough on brass samples. The Garritan ensemble such as the SAM samples kind of sound like real instruments but I hate to say this but I almost stopped writing for brass solos when I just had Garritan.
  • I liked the pieces. I would love to be able to write a fanfare that is fresh and original, but between Copland, the Olympics theme and the 20th Century Fox fanfare, I feel like the book is pretty much finished on fanfares. I mean, does it HAVE to be trumpets? (Maybe a fanfare for bagpipes, huh? It would be a refreshing change from Amazing Grace).

  • Art, you do have the ability to compose a fresh and original fanfare. It has nothing to do with instrumentation such as the use of trumpets but it has everything to do with style. Personally, I do not think the book is finished, but a new chapter has begun. Each fanfare that I plan on composing will highlight a special compositional technique or style. For example: lyrical 12 tone, use of parallel 5ths throughout, based on tone clusters, based on Latin and other popular styles, fanfare with narration or quotes, fanfare for the dead written for solo flugelhorn with set theory, and maybe even one cinematic fanfare in the style of movie trailer music just for kicks!

    Just come up with some new and different ideas that will sound like you, maybe a jazzy fanfare or one that uses your own synthetic scale, and go for it!
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