Hello All,

First I hope you are all doing very well.

A few weeks ago, I have read a post here (I do not remember which one unfortunately) that was very interesting about composing gear set ups.

One thing actually GRABBED my attention.

A gentleman composer was saying he was using 24 Gb of RAM for his orchestral software.

So my question is the following? How can you set up from 20 to even 40 Gb of RAM on a PC or a laptop since most of them reach at most 8 Gb!!!

That is a mystery for me. I have found, on the Net, a PC with this capacity, music oriented (Vision ... something... DO not remember the full name of it)

Basically, as I travel a quite a lot from UK, France and South Africa, I want to set up a quite powerful laptop to be able to record anywhere; both for music composing than band recording.

If you have the answer to "my" mystery, try to explain in simple words, with stepped explanations. I know about computers but I am not Bill Gates!

Thanks in advance


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  • Thanks James.. I appreciate your helping advices.


    Look at what I have found; I thinkg this is pretty interesting :



    James Semple said:

    Well again Roland remember that my original post said IF you need to produce high quality detailed work. If I use a laptop then I generally only load something like
    Spitfire Albion

    Emotional Piano



    and just accept that it would sound great but wouldn't be hugely detailed.

    I do think that a top-end PC laptop would provide amazing power for reasonable prices.

  • Ohhhhhh... Got it Spiros... yes indeed, I might have a look at a company building something. I have found interesting things so far and will have a look at Raymond's link also of course.


    Spiros Makris said:

    no, no, you missunderstood. Those ram sticks are for a desktop, not for a laptop. Said retailer does not carry any laptop with more than 8GBs of ram. I suppose that the price for desktop ram is similar all over the world, even cheaper on the other side of the ocean. Especially if you count your money in euros ;)

    Also, if you can find a place that builds such hi end laptops, the price should still not be too much. In the link Ray provided, the cost for 32gbs is only 233$ dollars more than the 4gbs. assuming a good 80$ for the 4gbs, 310$ seems allright.

    Your best bet is to go to a hi end pc retailer in your area (one of the three anyway) and set the specs you need, let them figure out the rest.

    Roland Bouchat said:

    Spiros Makris said:

    but, if I might add, macs are so expensive in comparison to their pc counterparts. I don't want to even think how much 24gbs and 8 cores cost on a mac.

    Go to a computer store and ask. There should be laptops with that capacity of memory, or close to that, but they will cost, potentially a lot more (and I mean a lot) than 24gbs on a desktop. Nowdays ram is cheap-you could have 32gbs of ram on a desktop and not need a loan for it. as an example, a greek retailer sels 32 gbs of ram (4 memory sticks) for 235 euros-I could live with that.

    Do you have the details of this greek retailer? it is pretty amazing when you see that it retails at 1000 £!!

    But as you say you need the laptop to take it. i found some but you have to add the price on top of standard one


    Extensive RAM memory for music composing
    Hello All, First I hope you are all doing very well. A few weeks ago, I have read a post here (I do not remember which one unfortunately) that was v…
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