• That's quite good.

    I enjoyed it, and thought it was fairly accurate.

    The mention of the rather long trombone solos in No. 3 might have better distinguished Sym. No. 3 from No. 7, though 7 has some shorter trombone passages.

    My only REAL disappointment was that there was nothing about the three symphonies he wrote before No. 1 "The Titan."

    I would like to know how to distinguish those works from the other later symphonies.

  • Wonderful, thanks for sharing. My favorite's always been thew first, but then I'm not a Mahler maven.

  • Thanks. That is a gem.  I love the guy, and could listen to nothing but the 1st movement of the 9th (Karajan/Berlin Phil.) for eternity and be thoroughly fulfilled.


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