this is purely experimental; attempting to fuse many different musical styles/ feelings.
I'm writing stuff for a music video I'm working on where alien characters are playing all the instruments.

I'm writing an avant-garde section (still a work in progress) that I'm starting to feel could be something on its own?

The female vocalist will pick up an electric violin in this section dancing/ moving with the <steampunk, ballet dancing female alien bass player> ha, yeah I know:) hopefully, it will work!?:


if heavy metal guitar makes you feel sick then please fast forward to the avant-garde section = 02:14.

I'm feeling this section as a separate piece will open up the opportunity to do anything; bringing a string section here & there/ jazz violin/ heavy duty bass solos etc with a basic beat behind it ..

I must add it's in no way shape or form mixed- it's so rough you could sand a door with it:) it's just for the idea.

Thanks for taking the time & any ideas would be truly appreciated.



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  • Very nice. This has kind of a modern "James Bond Theme" feel to it.

  • Hello DC

    A brave attempt indeed.

    It will benefit integrated with the video. 

    Did you mean avant garde in the quasi-popular music sense or contemporary, now, new ideas and things.

    I'm no fan of metal music but I'm ok with experimental / avant garde. It had a flavour of experimental rock of the mid-1960s which still holds good today (thinking of Floyd's Atom Heart and Saucerful). Combining it with heavy metal builds on that along with the arrival of the vocal phrases. Pleasing to hear Realivox again!

    Well, I can't say much about the structure as it's spotted to a story/video - I'd love to see it!

    At around 0'57" the vocal came in a little explosively. A slightly softer attack might make it less sudden and loud, unless that's what you want.

    At 2'14" as you say, the work becomes more experimental. It becomes dominant in the mix. The build up at 3'10" was pretty good but it felt as if you reverted too early just to a basic beat at 3'39" which grew a little tedious as it barely changed until 4'34". The various additional sounds during this section seemed just added decoration - BUT, this section could be tied to the visual so I'll say no more about that. The return to a non-metal episode at 4'34" was pleasant.

    My last comment is that I bet the meter went up into the red on a few tracks. That's the nature of metal but have a check of the non-metal tracks. They're quite smooth and distortion might make them grate. 

    An interesting piece and I reckon the non-metal ideas could be developed.  

    Good luck with the remaining work.


  • Good stuff here DC, good sounds, good ideas.  I like the overall concept of a mix of styles; I'm not sure about the style labels you mention but that's another discussion. The video idea sounds great and that should help to unify your elements.  It's easy for composers to hear ideas to add to this; orchestra here, theremin there etc you have an open form here.

    It has a live feel to it, are you playing all the instruments or is it sequenced?

  • Hey, Dane.. Thanks for the comments & your time.

    I agree with everything you say.. Had a few 'normal life' problems to deal with hence the delayed replies here.

    All sorted now so I can get back to working on this monstrosity.



  • Hiya, Ingo.. thanks for your time.

    yes, everything is sequenced... I'd normally play the guitar parts myself but do not have a 7 string guitar for the low end.

    Tried De-tuning but the strings were far too floppy & keeping it in tune was a nightmare so I used a vst instrument just to get the idea across.



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