Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd share my latest composition, an 8 minute suite that is solely based on the upcoming film by Ridley Scott:


The suite contains the following themes and ideas:  

"God's Theme" - A theme of great power which is stated right from the beginning of the piece.

"Moses' Theme" - A contemplative and melancholy melody anchored by a Dizi to show Moses' internal struggle but also the great potential within him.

"Rameses Theme" - The more subtle theme from all the others and presents itself around the middle. A more sly and menacing theme that displays Rameses' cunning and manipulative powers.

A love theme (during the action part) is presented but is part of another track that I am working on to show the love between Moses and Tzipporah.

Anyways, watch the trailer if you haven't seen it already as this looks to be one of Scott's best since Gladiator! (I am hoping anyway...)

All the best amigos,

Renan Javier

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  • Glad you liked it Bob.  

    And yes I normally do like to do compositions based on upcoming films as I like to get my own version of it before I hear the final score.  It's just fun to hear the contrast in the end! Usually I do it based on the first teaser trailer that I see for the movie and go from there based on the images alone.

    I have scored student films before so I am familiar with the process and have just created one for a composer's challenge that happens once a year (you can view this here if you're interested - the idea was to rescore the "creation" sequence from "The Tree of Life" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onzUlNnPIps&list=UU9xJzI2l5DKjT...)

    And yes, you are very right when you say that it IS a lot of work!!! That's why I use my 'free' time to just do compositions on their own instead as sitting down to score a scene takes a lotttttt of time and effort.

    Thanks for listening Bob! Appreciate it!

    Bob Porter said:

    I really like this. Typical of film music. I this just something you like to do? It's fun and all, but what I tell people here is that they should shoot some video and score it and see how much work it really is.

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