• I've read Peter Alexander's review of it, but wanted to see if there are any other composers out there who are using it.


  • Appreciate the input, Ray. I too have Altiverb, along with Overload Breverb (not strictly a convolution reverb), and then there is the VSL Suite convo reverb. 

    Still would like to hear how Spaces compares in the real world, not just a review. :-)   I think I may take their 10-day trial for a spin...

  • You can download a trial version (if you have an iLok)

    just press the purchare/trial button on the right and follow instructions:


    Imo, best reverb impulses I've used so far. They go really nice on drumkits as well, make them very natural.

  • Yeah I have a whole stack of reverbs (both convolution and algorithmic) and I'm using Spaces regularly. It's not perfect and it's not as tweakable as Altiverb but generally I prefer the sound. I'm still using a wash of Lexicon PCM 90 at the end because it really adds that polish.
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