Etude for Piano

I do have a live recording of this but not available. It was meant as a fun but challenging work for solo piano in an approachable mid-20th century style.  Enjoy!

Link to rendition -

PS. As I am not looking for comments on this particular piece no score is posted unless you would like to perform it publicly then we could correspond. Also the rendition is a computer one so the middle slow section sounds horribly mechanical. 

PPS. I do welcome comments and critiques I could use for future piano or general composing.

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  • Ah no problem, probably one of my most accessible works I have written (excepting style studies) and I was thinking how would Gershwin write a Piano Etude. If you listen to Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F you might hear a lick a two I used in this work.

  • Hey guys here is a recording of me playing the Etude plus two easier pieces.  Yes I am a composer first pianist second. I hope to write more of these one day and give to a virtuoso pianist to play far better than I did. I hope it gives you a better approximation of the "feel " of the work.
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