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I do have a live recording of this but not available. It was meant as a fun but challenging work for solo piano in an approachable mid-20th century style.  Enjoy!

Link to rendition -

PS. As I am not looking for comments on this particular piece no score is posted unless you would like to perform it publicly then we could correspond. Also the rendition is a computer one so the middle slow section sounds horribly mechanical. 

PPS. I do welcome comments and critiques I could use for future piano or general composing.

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Fantastic, Chris. The most symphonic Etude I have ever heard. The slower more delicate section was a nice contrast to the more intense material before and after. Excellent form. At times the sound is huge, suggestive of an entire orchestra. Definitely urban in its imagery. This is really quite wonderful work. When I get a full-length midi keyboard, I intend to try my hand at some piano writing. It is one of my favorite forms, especially the music of Debussy and Ravel. I can see I have a ways to go to catch up to you, however!

Ah no problem, probably one of my most accessible works I have written (excepting style studies) and I was thinking how would Gershwin write a Piano Etude. If you listen to Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F you might hear a lick a two I used in this work.

Hey guys here is a recording of me playing the Etude plus two easier pieces.  Yes I am a composer first pianist second. I hope to write more of these one day and give to a virtuoso pianist to play far better than I did. I hope it gives you a better approximation of the "feel " of the work.

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