Hi just wanted to share my latest track with you all. I finally got the QL Spaces plugin so thats the only reverb used for this track. Maybe the reverb is a bit too much, but the plugin sure does sound awesome.

Everything seems to sound better with QL Spaces so I can highly recommend if you're looking for at good vst reverb.

For this track I used Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Woodwinds, Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Storm Drum 2 and Voices of Passion. So all EWQL instruments :-)

Maximizer and EQ was to applied the overall mix.

...oh and just ignore the voice over, this track will be sold as royalty free music...

Thanks for listening!

Super Power.mp3

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  • Nice work! I like the staccato strings (or did you use stacatissimo? I also use East west so I know the articulations). I like how you used voices of passion in it.

    I dont know about you, but I've been seriously disappointed with voices of passion.  I basically dont use it anymore. Even the legato patches just don't seem to flow right. There's always a break between notes. And I'm not into the way she basically whispering everything. If you have symphonic choirs you should check out the soprano and boy soloist patches. They are actually better in my opinion and easier to meld into a track.

  • Thanks. I use the Speed mod patch for short strings so I'm actually not sure what articulation it is.

    Yes I agree with that it can be very hard to get Voises of Passion to fit into a track. To make it work you often have to create the track around the voice and not the other way around. I think the samples sound pretty amazing, but as always its very hard to make signing sound realistic / good with samples.

    I often use the boy soloist in my tracks as I also find it one of the best. I have not used the sorprano in any track so will give it a go in a new track - thanks for the tip :-)

  • Yes, boy soloist is awesome too, i think maybe a little better than the soprano. Has more detail i feel.

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