Hello everybody,

Since i'm new on this forum, i'd like to say im really happy to be part of such a community. Im not at all experienced in composing, so every comment is deeply appriciated (both negative and positive ones). I used Reason 5, and a very old midi keyboard to record this, and it's for a guild video for some of my friends who play world of warcraft.


Thanks for listening ^^


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  • Glad to see another self-taught person here. :)  I think the composition is nice, though it does seem to end on a bit of a down note relative to the rest of the piece.  With regard to execution/mixing, I think I heard a bit of clipping just about halfway through the piece during some string runs.  It also seems the midrange freqs are muddying the mix, and your violins are having a bit of difficulty cutting through the bassier drones.  You could clean them up with some EQ, or having the bass lines move a bit more (or at least not drone on) to help out that issue. Thanks for posting!
  • Thank you for your feedback, i will work on the issues mentioned, and hopefully it will be better. 


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