• Accomplished. Energetic, surging forward and a very good, climatic ending.

    It would make a great 'prelude' to a brass concert.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I liked the dinamism, perpetum mobile, and the ending.

    The brass writing is skillful.  I have to note this as a reminder for myself.

    Thank you very much for sharing the score.

    I appreciate your sharing this work.


    • Thank you very much!

  • Great rhythmic drive and melodic content here Matthew and nice counterpoint as well, I enjoyed this!  Also good use of dynamics, the precision makes me think this is virtual, may I ask what library you are using?

    • Thank you! These were four live pro players in the Los Angeles area, all recording from their homes.

  • Nice piece, well structured although being an improvisation. It feels like a long crescendo, like Bolero. Much appreciated.


  • Hi Mathew. This is wonderfully and expertly crafted. Great performance! Reminiscent of the neo-classical style.  Thoroughly enjoyed this!

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