End Credits pieces

On my page are two pieces called End Credits.  The first is the original.  The one marked "v2" is a slightly modified version based on some comments from people that they "felt lost" in the middle section of the piece.  If anyone has the time to listen to both, I'd like to hear your thoughts on which one sounds better in your opinion.  (I'm partial to the original...)

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  • Exactly what is the difference between the two? I guess you have to listen to them a few times before you hear it (because you need to learn exactly how both of them sound). But I never felt lost in the middle section, so I never had anything to refer to when listening to the second version. Maybe that's why I couldn't hear any differences.


    Great piece either way!

  • Thanks for listening.  In the grand scheme of things, the changes I made were minor.  A little work on the piano's ostinato, more limited use of violins...the biggest changes were in that middle section.  I reduced the complexity of the instrumentation and reduced the volume of just about anything that wasn't carrying the melody in an attempt to draw it out more.  I also inserted a resolution at 2:37 (which wasn't there before), creating a little bit of breathing space and separating the two middle sections I have.  In v2, the part that follows 2:37 is musically identical to the original, but it maintains a different feel up to around 3:00 (where I started needing to build to the crescendo at 3:12).  Aside from patching some different violins at the end (and trying oh so hard to get rid the blasted portamento in the cello part...ugh!), the ending is the same.
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  • Hm...I guess I just viewed this site as sort of all-inclusive, and that its members understood that people post music they've created to their pages.  Seems a little redundant in an exclusive forum like this to post music in two places, especially since the music to which I refer is a single mouse-click away.  I guess that's a bit too difficult for some people...apologies.

    End Credits.mp3

    End Credits v2.mp3

  • Chris, if only I was making music for real projects....  No, this was just a piece of music that went unnamed until the final stages when I thought it had the feel of an end credits piece.
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