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Hello to all members,

Voting for the Elements Contest has begun, and you may vote up until the deadline of May 12, 5 pm EST. All the entries for the four elements are below. For each element, there is a separate survey to use to vote.

Vote for Air here

Vote for Earth here

Vote for Fire here

Vote for Water here

Good luck to all the contestants, and please all, do not post anything about entries on this site while the voting is ongoing!

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Great to hear Jon!

Does it make any difference that composer 9 is ID'd on his soundcloud page?

No it does not Bob. I tried to obscure anyone who posted a link to a file outside of CF, but in this case, was not able to. Just concentrate on the music and vote as if you didn't know who did it.

Hi Gav,

I want to vote for my 2nd best choice and I want to explain why I do so. Can I do it in this thread now, or I should wait till the voting is over?

Hi Socrates, not sure what you mean. Do you mean you want to not vote for a first choice, but only for a second choice?

Sorry I should have been more clear.

What I mean is that I want to vote as my first choice for a piece that normally it would have been my 2nd choice, my real first choice being for another piece, which is presented in a way that I don’t agree and therefore I cannot vote for it as my first choice.You see, I consider the presentation as carrying a smaller but still important weight, in a competition.

Furthermore, I ask if I can explain the reason for this now in this thread or if  I should wait till all the voting is done, after 12/5/18.

I hope I've explained it now.

Thanks Socrates,

Go ahead and vote as you like and hold your comments about the piece that almost made 1st for this thread, once the voting is over and I've announced the winners.


At least 16 members have filled out 55 surveys and made 35 comments so far. We have two leaders in Fire, no leader in Water, two leaders in Earth, and one leader in Air. Nobody is a runaway leader yet. Deadline to vote is 5/12/18 at 5 pm EST.

One week down, two weeks left to vote on the contest! Deadline to cast your vote is 5/12/18 at 5 pm EST.

At least 18 members have filled out 58 surveys and made 35 comments so far! Deadline to vote is 5/12/18 at 5 pm EST.

Hello Composers’ Forum members,

The deadline to vote on the Elements Contest is 5/12/18 at 5 pm EST. 61 votes have been cast so far! Once the voting is closed, I will tally the vote and post the results on this thread. There will be a series of 3 posts: 1) The composers revealed; 2) the winners for each element, and; 3) comments. After the winners are announced, this thread is open for any discussion anyone would like to have on the contest. I ask that while this discussion is ongoing, the composers/entrants continue to not post their entries elsewhere on this site. Good luck to all entrants, and to those of you who have already voted, thanks for showing your support for original composition in this, the greatest of all arts!

63 votes cast, 38 comments so far. Deadline to vote is 5/12/18 at 5 pm EST.

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