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Hello to all members,

Voting for the Elements Contest has begun, and you may vote up until the deadline of May 12, 5 pm EST. All the entries for the four elements are below. For each element, there is a separate survey to use to vote.

Vote for Air here

Vote for Earth here

Vote for Fire here

Vote for Water here

Good luck to all the contestants, and please all, do not post anything about entries on this site while the voting is ongoing!

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EARTH ENTRIES - Note: not all composers submitted entries for this element. Missing numbers mean no entry


(EARTH) Composer 01 - Sketch #1


(EARTH) Composer 02 - Element Earth

(EARTH+other elements) Composer 04 - Cinematic Action Piece. Composer's description: "I am a pianist composer and able to do things quick when I get an idea about writing and playing out a piece. Finished this weeks ago when contest was first proposed. Took me a day. Low strings, bass drums are representing grounding Earth elements. Piano parts are rain trying to douce the flames of the sharp brass fueled partially by the winds which are the constant brass swells. I have it listed on soundcloud as Cinematic Action Piece The Elements. I play all parts. Nothing is lifted." [ADMIN NOTE: this single piece was entered for all 4 elements]


(EARTH) Composer 06 - Earth


(EARTH) Composer 07 - Fredericka and Canary - Earth


(EARTH) Composer 10 - Earth


(EARTH) Composer 12 - Dance of Gaia. Composer's description: "While scientists and politicians debate and bicker about global warming, pollution and carbon dioxide levels continue to rise. Choked by human inaction, Mother Earth takes control of her own destiny and unleashes a violent cleanse followed by a serene and fresh start"


(EARTH) Composer 14 - Blue-Green World


(EARTH) Composer 15 - Earth


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FIRE ENTRIES - Note: not all composers submitted entries for this element. Missing numbers mean no entry


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