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Voting for the Elements Contest has begun, and you may vote up until the deadline of May 12, 5 pm EST. All the entries for the four elements are below. For each element, there is a separate survey to use to vote.

Vote for Air here

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Good luck to all the contestants, and please all, do not post anything about entries on this site while the voting is ongoing!

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  • Congratulations to the winners, to all participants, and to Gav for offering and organizing so well competitions such as this. I have enjoyed all your music.

  • Cheers! Thanks heaps Gav for doing this, it was really fun! And congrats to all the composers, some awesome stuff in there :)

  • There's always going to be lovers and haters regardless, don't let it dissuade you.

    Cheers for liking my piece! If it makes you feel any better, I basically have no knowledge of music theory. I actually have a quite cumbersome method of moving notes around until they make the a sound that isn't shit ;)

    andrew thornton said:

    I can't believe how long people here have been composing music. Three years ago I taught myself composing and I did not know what a note was. I tried to find a teacher but nobody answered my emails; I still maintain that there is age discrimination because music teachers just want to teach kids.I have posted that before here and not everyone agrees, but it has to be discrimination. 

    I have only entered one other composing competition that a University ran and the response to my entry was so rude that I nearly gave up music outright. I had to compose 10 minutes of solo piano and that is what I did. I didn't enter a joke attempt; I used proper notation and I submitted it with a binded format that music scores require. Yet the response from some academic was basically that I didn't deserve to enter. If anybody wonders where my mouth frothing hate for music academics comes from it's that; their Edwardian attitudes that everyone has got to wait hand and foot for them.  

    My philosophy of learning music has always been 90% doing it and 10% theory; I have always been wary of being lost in theory rabbit holes. I don't see the point getting so deep in theory that someone doesn't MAKE stuff. You can read books till the cows come home. But this competition has again been much better for DOING it; most of the time I compose alone with no feedback from anybody. I don't know anyone else who composes music. 

    This has been a good couple of days. Because I have also finished my first musical collab with some singers. [I can't sing which is another way in which the entire education system wrecked my musical life. Or to be technically accurate I don't know if I can sing because nobody has ever got a piano and said sing this note etc.] 

    The main reason for me not submitting scores is that the university competition that I mentioned made me not want to share scores. Thus a bad competition can make a composer worse. Most university academics live in the 19th century and for any concept of modern or electronic music - you may as well explain TV to a caveman. The ABRSM is included in that - it offends some people but they really are a fossilised lot. 

    I don't enter a lot of music competitions. It was interesting that the ones I voted for came mostly first or second. I liked Test Flight the most in Air. I could not have done more in 3 years of composing; nobody of any ability could have worked harder or got further. 



    Hello to all members, Voting for the Elements Contest has begun, and you may vote up until the deadline of May 12, 5 pm EST. All the entries for the…
  • I am surprised that I did as well as I did. I am up against some really stunning composers and musicians. And thanks for the Fun comments. All the pieces were interesting, none were boring, and some really blew away all expectations. Thanks to Gav for organizing the contest and tallying up the results.
  • Contest Winners - most of you have responded to the mails I sent you about claiming your prize, but a few have not. Check your CF mail and get back to me so I can place your order!

  • Hello to entrants of the Elements Contest! While this thread will continue, you are now free to post your entries anywhere on this site.

  • I'm a bit late replying in here, but today I picked up my winnings and I'm now enjoying a cup of coffee in style in my brand new mug :) Thank you for organizing this contest, Gav, and congratulations to the winners and all participants, was a lot of fun.


  • Glad to hear you got it Johannes, and congratulations again to you!


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