Composed and produced by El Praso 2018

Graphics: Portrayal of the Reverend Praso



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  • This is very good. You should compose for video games!

  • I also think that a dramatic timpani roll would sound good when the pause ends at 1:28

  • Very well done El Praso.  Your sound is good and the themes and arrangement are certainly typical of recent mainstream cinema.  I like that your ghoulish persona lives in a ghost town near the abandoned Chernobyl power plant.  I'd like to hear something a little more original and different in your music, my own personal preference of course.  Good work!

  • Actually, i am working on new stuff.

    Thank you for your feedback men - I appreciate that.

  • This is a great cinematic piece. Sorry I missed this one. I see you posted it on Dec 25th. 

    The snare seems necessary. Not sure what could be done about it, but it seems especially overt in my left ear compared to the rest of the mix.If you take it too low it won't have any effect. If you replace it, the replacement needs to be something that does the same thing yet doesn't stick out as much. Probably why you left it as it is.

  • Song Title: "Alchemy"
    Composed and produced by EL PRASO 2019
    Graphics: The Alchemist in Search of the Philosopher's Stone, by Joseph Wright, 1771

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