So on the topic of orchestral arrangement, what are effective instrument combinations? In example, the violins and the flute go nicely together. What are some instrument combinations that would help beef my sound without it getting muddy? I love 'epic orchestra' to simple beautiful melodies and I would like to create such tones myself! Many times when I would create something, it sounds like there is a gap in the music. The only way I can figure out how to fix this is to make the music far too "controlled", if you know what I mean. I don't want to always be in the root of the chord when I progress. Heck! I don't want to think, "Okay, so I am doing this chord so I should...etc." I don't want to have so much control and would rather write a piece that flows and chords almost don't even seem to be the issue. Yes, there is a time for a controlled tone with powerful chords, but how do you write something that is more fluent? What is the focus? I can hear something in my head, but the transformation to the real world doesn't connect! I have taken two years of AP Music theory. So I know how the game works. However, my mind is so wrapped around rules, it does seem to want to be colorful and fluent. But rather blocky and controlled. So! I hope someone might have battle through the same thing and could give me some good pointers in what to concentrate on. Maybe even some practice activities to help me think a certain way, or something! Thanks!

I have some songs that I have made uploaded on this site on my profile. Please take a look and analyze what I do. I have not only orchestral songs on there. So don't be alarmed if you hear some raging electric guitar! :) Or wobbles... I just love making music in any genre, so I don't have a preference in that area. "The Last Stand" is a pure orchestral test song. Made it in a couple days before I had to leave for a school where I wouldn't be able to compose for 6 months.

Any help would be great and I am eager to hear feed back! :D Thank you guys!

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  • Bob,

    Thank you for your time! I wasn't sure on what I wanted exactly. I just want some tips to improve from professionals. And I wasn't trying have people listen to my whole library and give me feedback—that would be ridiculous! :) This is my first thread starter...didn't know what to put exactly.

    Yeah... I have these nasty software instruments and I tried to get somewhat of a decent sound out of them.

    I have for two years...every time my stuff sounds like baroque music which drove me nuts! Maybe I am too focused on trying to get a particular sound and I don't really know what I am looking for. That sounds like great advise! I was told once one of my songs sounded too controlled and it puzzled me. But that is a good way of looking at it.

    Thank you so much on sharing your thoughts! It does mean a lot.

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