Easy and playful duet

Dear friends,

here is a duet again for violin and piano. I want them to playfully interact like a varied communication including the squabble. The violin is a bit nasty, she tries to do it her own way and cannot even end the piece at the same time.


All the best,


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  • Hi Kjell, this is very well done and enjoyable to listen to. You have beautiful harmony and phrasing here and the sound is good as well.  I do like when the piano takes a more active roll and I feel that you could include more of that. That could help include some more dynamics to give the piece more of an arc. 

    Including the viola and cello is an interesting choice the way you have used them.  I don't hear them much, maybe they could be featured more as well?  This is not a criticism at all because this piece is very good just the way it is, just some thoughts to consider. Good work, thanks for posting!

  • Thank you Ingo, nice to read your comment and suggestions. I wanted this as a duet but felt it became a bit thin so I added a couple of supporting instruments.


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