I have just joined the forum.  I am a composer - mainly classical / full orchestral.


Has anyone out there purchased and used EWQLSOPP.


I ahve just purchased it and heck what an installation that was - very difficult and 28 discs to load with a total of 194GB of samples.

I have it fully installed but I am having immediate trouble loading and playing library sound samples.

i am happy to share my issue in depth if anyone out there has the software and is interested to try and help me.


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  • Well there you go Sam - that is an absolutely perfect and easy explanation for me.

    I havent tried it yet but the YT video explains it VERY well - thanks a million Sam.

    Only question I have is that I noticed he selected "Master" under KS menu in EW - wonder what the "Elements" is as when I selected that recently when messing around with KS it did not show any coloured keys (ie keyswitches) on the bottom. keyboard.

    Thanks anyway mate.

  • Hi James

    I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner on this - I've barely touched my emails this week. It looks like others have explained nicely and there are a few good video tutorials out there. I'll look over the posts to see if there's anything to add.

    To try answer your question of Master vs. Elements instrument patches:

    The Master patch loads almost all available articulations, with keyswitch assignments. This means that all the samples are actually loaded into your RAM and immediately ready to use as you wish.

    The Elements instrument contains the same articulations as the Master, but does not actually load them. This is useful when you are auditioning or unsure of which particular articulation you want to use. You can load and unload them manually by clicking on the "Load" box in the centre panel of Play. This is faster than auditioning articulations by loading them individually from the Play browser, saves you RAM, and also allows you to audition combined articulations (eg a Sus with a Stacc played at the same time can be an interesting and useful timbre). Elements is also a useful way to go if you don't intend to switch articulations, eg you ONLY intend to use Muted Trumpet.

    (Note: "RT" in instrument names means "Release Trails", which is the recording of the decay in the concert hall where the sample was recorded.)

    So, the Master KS instrument patch has almost everything loaded and ready, whether you need it or not, and you'll have to manually unload the unwanted articulations from the Play panel in order to save yourself RAM (if it's a concern). I say "almost" everything because, for example, the 2TP KS Master instrument DOESN'T include the Mute Stac RR X 6 articulation, and neither does the Elements instrument.

    Please look at the EWQL Orchestra Manual from page 39 to 95 for a full listing of articulations available for each instrument, and whether they're included in the keyswitch patches.

    I hope that clarifies the difference a bit. I'll look at the other posts shortly.


  • Thanks a lot for that very excellent explanation Anthony
  • ok Jos - I will try this - I just want to check - are you talking about Cubase?

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