Dystopian Soundscape

This is another composition from the my challenge that I have remastered. I also renamed it to Dystopian Soundscape (Instead of Jamuary 6 from the challenge) to better represent the actual composition.

It will sound best if you can play it in a dark room late at night. It will help if you have good full range speakers or headphones.

This is one of my favorites, I hope you enjoy it.

 Here is the Link:  https://youtu.be/VdrLMMqNd14




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  • Hi Leslie,

    It's atmospheric and polished. When I hear a work of more than a few minutes length, one of the things I look for is change as time goes on. Does the piece evolve? or: Are there contrasting sections? are questions I ask. If I don't hear that, my interest begins to fade over time, and that is the impression I came away with. If in your "January" project approach you are looking each day to establish a mood or perform some sort of compositional technique, then I think you do succeed. As a standalone piece, I am less sure -

    Thanks for posting!


    • Gavin,

      I thank for your comments and critique I completely agree with your observations.

      The January project was a challenge to find a different idea or direction each day to help force me to be more creative and it was not to fully develop any ideas. The time contraint of just having a few hours each day contributed to the idea of keeping things as simple as possible to make sure I could get the songs done each day. however this particular piece surprised me when I went back and listened to it earlier this month and discovered how meditative it could be, it is very slow and subtle but it actually does evolve. 

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