here is a small Duo for Flute and Piano composed algorithmically with the Opusmodus software.

My duo for Flute & Piano

i have exported the MusicXML file from Opusmodus into Notion (my score editor) for rendering.



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  • I liked this, Stephane. It is hauntingly beautiful. Some very interesting harmonic effects. A delicate dance-like feeling. Can't think of any suggestions, just wanted to voice my positive reactions. Is it part of something larger, or are you looking to perhaps continue it? It's fine as it is, but I could see it as a short movement to a sonata, or a suite of dance forms.

  • Thank you very much Michael for your kind reaction.

    This piece was not primary composed to be a part of a larger one but it can be a good idea.

    i will think about this idea.

    Thank you for your advice, it makes me want to continue .


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