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Hi everybody,

As most of you probably know by now, I am quite more then a bit in love. So, time to write something down. Yeah, the Love Symphony is almost getting started. I wanted a small duet first.

So here it is. It is a song without word (Lied ohne Wörter), a duet between me and her. I am the bassoon, she is the viola.

It discribes the start of our feelings for each other, it is a small conversation.

Again, it is slow and easy-going. I did write it last night, and at this moment I do not really want to change anything. Unless some of you has a very good advice, of course.

Hope you like it.

I dedicated this little song without words to my Jamila.

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Thank you!

I just hate throwing away things in general. That doesn't mean I will use it. I might listen to it later and use something of it. It's getting parked... ;)

I am happy with the info I got here!

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