Duel on the Cliffs

This is a little action sequence that I wrote that is quite difficult. It is inspired by a scene in a series of fantasy novels I have read; the Legend of Drizzt. The music depicts the sword duel between the protagonist, Drizzt the dark elf, and Artemis Entreri, the evil assassin and Drizzt's arch enemy. The duel takes place high on a mountain cliff side outside of the dawrven stronghold of Mithral Hall. Both combatants are lightning fast with thier weapons. Drizzt weilds twin scimitars while Entreri fights with a long sword and dagger, Listen for the part where Drizzt fools Entreri and sends him plummeting off of the cliff...


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  • It's not bad, but be wary of slipping into some generic fantasy game style. It does flow well, and the beginning is decent, but what really gets me into it is the dramatic buildup starting at 1:10. Actually, it's that piccolo/flute that really does it; that's what makes this piece. I don't even know if a real flute would sound as good there (I'm assuming it's a flute sound), but the sound you have works perfectly. I was extremely disappointed at the chord changes that serve to transition out of this section at 1:38- it really needs to keep going. The rest is well written, but doesn't have near the potential as this middle section. I think you could really take some time and develop that middle section to create a piece that really pulls you in.

    By the way, I think the tempo is fine.
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