• Hi Saul,

    As far as I could perceive, you draw the picture very well.  It crystallizes around a single idea a single sensitivity and depicts it perfectly.

    I am not specificly very fond of the accompanying electronic staff.  Not too bad.  Actually it brings in a healthy contrast... But not my way.

    May be it could be great if you begin writing for not only piano but a few instruments...  Of course there is always the problem of finding people to perform it...

    Thank you for the rare sense of tranquillity in our hefty world.



    • Thank you Ali for your comments and glad you enjoyed the music.

      I find the addition of these electronic accompaniments to be effective and well suited for the piano part.

      I think the piece is enhanced with them, but I guess others may have a different opinion.

      And as for 'the rare sense of tranquility in our hefty world' I agree we do need more tranquility especially in our current times.


      Best Wishes,



  • This is beautiful! I love it. Captures so much emotion. The journey this song brings the user on is effective fully through in my opinon. Beautiful piece.

    • Thank you Layne!

      Glad you enjoyed it,





  • Soooo beatiful, Saul! I love it and I am amzazed by your piano playing!!

    • Glad you liked it Gerd, Thanks!

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