In the film "The Third Man", the hero Harry Lime asserted that war and strife is necessary because it produces culture. If we compare Italy and Switzerland in that respect:
5 centuries of Peace and Serenity managed to produce only the cuckoo clock whereas in Italy with a lot of blood and murder and god knows what we had Michelangelo, Botticelli and a lot of other great art, etc.
Of course Harry was motivated by his own financial reasons for this stance.
Any Doppelganger is a bad omen. It is to me like seeing your ghost before you die. In my song (metaphorically) Doppelganger is taking the face of Capitalism and imperialism appearing after a big human catastrophe where the only survivors are a man and a woman making love and calculating whether they should carry on or kill each other.
A political song really…..
Any comments welcome.

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  • Thanks for the warning Chris. I was not trying to use any means slick or otherwise, I just thought that the spoiler warning messages on my pages were enough but I’ll do it from this end also.

    I do object to your characterization of my verse as "potty mouth", though, anything more interesting about it? Pornography (if it is taken as such) is only a means to an end to me.

  • I did say all "comments welcome", therefore yours also.

    Not my intention to give challenge to people after they have commented and appear to have missed it. (by listening/scanning with the "inner ear", that is).


  • waw!

    good for you, but still hint missed.

    Chris Alpiar said:

    The fact that I "missed it", someone who's a voting member of the grammy's on one end, and a published orchestral and jazz composer for 30 years on the other end, with extensive atonal, tonal, improvisational and written music experience, who voraciously appreciates new music, should be a hint ;-)
  • Your opinion is welcome, albeit shifting a little, I post what I chose according to my posting policy and vision… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    time for my siesta, c u round

  • Chris, the Grammy part is really cool. If I knew that I wouldn't have thrown my envelope away this year where they wanted to nominate me.
  • Nope, it's true. They wanted to nominate me for some teacher award, but I was not interested for personal reasons, but I was happy that another teacher from my state did win and went to my college as well. True story.
  • "Nope, it's true. They wanted to nominate me for some teacher award, but I was not interested for personal reasons, but I was happy that another teacher from my state did win and went to my college as well. True story."


    I don't doubt that the story is true.  Still, I would like to bring this back to the subject of music, if no one objects.  [I just happened to notice that music was not mentioned in this last post, for some reason].  


    We can ask ourselves, generally, what is the value of awards?  Either for musical works, and/or  teachers of music? It's a simple question for members of Composers' Forum.  Do composers, in general (or does the composing profession as a whole), benefit from formal or informal award ceremonies?  I don't know the answer.


    Socrates' musical work can win a prize, within a certain specified genre, like some of the musical or literary works that I mentioned in a previous post  (and perhaps some of them have already won awards).  I am thinking that maybe music competitions in our era should be staged on the model of the ancient Athenian dramatic competitions (when Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides presented plays).  I believe these might be better than our contemporary competitions, like the Academy Awards, for films for instance, but people who know more about that subject can state whether or not the modern or the ancient model is superior.  I like the page, Socrates:




    It's always good to quote, as you did on the music page, the Theogeny (one of my favorite books, connected with music, which I find myself constantly drawn to read and re-read).  Like Homer's greatest work, it begins with the exhortation to sing.






    The Muses Singing (Sarcophagus in the Louvre).


    Μουσάων ῾Ελικωνιάδων ἀρχώµεθ᾿ ἀείδειν


    about the Helicon Muses let our song begin ...




       ῾Ελικων !!!


  • Yeah man, bring it back!
  • @ Ondib

    Thanks for your comments on my page Ondib, you completely understood its spirit by its famous moto. Very little content is age sensitive-carrying admin warnings at present (But then again I thing that it’s just our own era that is "age sensitive", macro-historically the effort would not be necessary-Aristophanes for example would laugh at such warnings). Also many thanks for viewing my piece as a "dramatic" piece, which it is. I would not ask for more.


    @ Rodney

    Any comment for my piece? Thanks for dropping in, anyway.


    @ Chris

    You have stated your opinion about my music. That is fine, I welcomed it. You did not understand my verbal introduction above, that is also fine, but if you cannot take it for the political satire that it is, I have made provisions for you in my subtitle to take as a dirty ditty for a Swiss lover (it works that way also as a sex-satire).

    But from music criticism (which is very short sighted) you pass into personal character criticism, which is not fine:


    Your would be clever antics of abusing the forum readers by posting musical drivel to make a point that has nothing to do with actually furthering your or anyone elses music.Thats not what this place is here for.



    You criticize my actual act of posting and you attach to it reasons on my part that there are not there in my artistic content.

    I am not in the habit of abusing forum readers as you say, and when accidentally I have done so, which is humanly possible, I have apologized.


    Let go and actually learn and teach your craft.


    Let go what? I have actually learnt my craft many years ago, but I don’t teach it directly to musicians, only to the general  public by example such as this song. (In this sense of the word "teaching" the ancient practise is meant., ie The Orestia is said to have being "taught" (as opposed to composed) by Aeschylus, and similarly Lysistrata has been "taught" by Aristophanes, I like that kind of tuition taking place and I'm for ever both teacher and student.


    This slippey slidey sideways stuff is just a distraction to show how "clever" you are.


    That is another subjective assessment of someone's character, uncalled for and very shallow anyway. (unless you mean the look on my avatar, which all the girls like).


    Its really beneath your skills and this concept is flawed and will hold you back from any version of success you might have, other than to antagonize the forum mods/admins and your peers


    What do you know of my skills, can you extemporize a little, Ok, you said that the piece has cliché harmonies. What is wrong with that? I may hate non-cliché harmonies (all in context). Anything more substantial?

    Also you appear to have taken healthy debate (un-related to my present post of course, cause I did not try to antagonize anyone by posting it) as mindless antagonism. Is this the general vision of your new music forum?


    Finally, thanks for your suggestion to Rodney that this maybe is not the right thread for discussing music teacher awards.

  • I will try to Monday, my friend. I'm at a party now, party tomorrow, and Sunday night, and sometime between all of that we need to clean the house.
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