Does this already exist?

I am currently developing a musical idea that has been stuck in my head for ages into a work for pipe organ. I feel it has potential, (and could get very big (and loud!) but something inside me is nagging that the piece already exists (or is very similar to a piece that already exists). Does the recording remind you of anything?

Bear in mind I've been working on this for literally 10 minutes, so don't think this is by any means finalised  It's literally the beginning of the first section. Anyway, what do you think?


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  • Very nice! It reminds me of some interludes heard in the music of a couple of progressive bands.

  • I like the sound you made there, but i don't see organ in this. Try to change instrument to accordion (baritone accordion,of course) I thing it will be much more effective, and yet, you have more chance to hear your work on some concert of classical music. Accordion has more-less similar sound, and have one BIG advantage over organ: dynamic. With accordion you can make very rich dynamic contrast, in order to make tension, while organ is very limited... Don't know, that's just my personal opinion...

  • Well, I'll carry on with this then. And I'm glad you like the idea Francisco. I'll arrange it for organ first, since that's what my gut says I can make sound best, and since I have a large real organ I can get my hands on easily, and not an accordion, it makes more sense, I think. Thanks for your suggestion though, Milan.

    And just as a "by the way", the pipe organ has an amazing dynamic contrast, from the softest string or flute pipes to "pulling out all the stops" (the phrase used in its original sense, here) and shaking the building like you're in no man's land!

    Once again, thanks, and I shall be posting the final result here when complete!

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