Documentary Film Score

Hello all,

Sharing something a bit different for fun! This is a clip from a documentary film I scored titled, "Biserici de lemn din România." The director wanted a pseudo-psychedelic score to accompany the powerful images and sweeping over-head shots. Here is a link with the music and video so you can see how it pairs.

Thanks for listening/watching!

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  • The documentary looks interesting! As an "old fashioned Christian", I'm wondering to what extent you might have been inspired by the stunning visual imagery.

  • Thanks Nick for watching. I am a church musician as well, so I was very inspired by a lot of the iconography. It is amazing that these wooden structures are so well maintained and preserved. 

  • This was done very well in my opinion..the music and video compliment each other, and make for a really enjoyable viewing/listening experience.

    EXCELLENT work..thanks so much for sharing!

    Thanks Bob

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