Do I belong here, or some other forum?

Hi everybody,


Hello, to all of you most excellent composers on


Allow me to ask a preliminary question before any 'dissection'..


I am a lyricist, just started a few years ago, and I think my stuff is really good. But all it consists of at this time is the lyrics and basic rhythm and form, with a general idea about what I'd like the melody / tempo / mood / instrumentation / vocalist gender/ vocalist age / harmony  to be like.


I am not much of a musician, but can play an electric bass and strum a guitar, and I can adequately play various instruments, piano, trumpet, trombone, but usually I will have to memorize the song.


I have no misconceptions or self-delusions of being a 'rock star' or diva.


I am adequately technical, so that I am able to use Sibelius to save my songs in, and I use various other DAW's, sequencers, vst's, MIDI and the like.


I am also adequately educated in music theory type stuff, but I am scared to death of trying to actually 'compose' anything excellent.


But what I think that I really need is an experienced composer to 'take me under his wing' and get me started on applying chord progressions to my rhythmic lyrics.


Anyway, am I in the right place? Or is this foruml just looking for fully record-ready music to analyze and dissect? Can someone direct me to the right place?


I have tried advertising for collaborators, but haven't got much response locally.


Are composers such as yourselves doing all these different 'song-production' jobs yourselves?


Doc K.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for responding.

    If I understand what you are saying about the forum, the genre of general preference here is more classical, and not so much pop/folk/rock/jazz/country etc.?

    This is such a frustrating industry. It seems like finding people willing to work together to create is so hard. Whereas if a person is already established, the industry and industry insiders are falling all over each other to help.  It must be all about lucrative, financial probability. Established people can have that. 

    Music makes me feel so good, emotionally speaking, and I wrote my lyrics to bare my soul and express my feelings, and I always assumed it should be musical. But it seems all I ever come up with are very basic chord progressions. They do not satisfy me like the music that I love. And I am convinced that it is because it is too basic.


    Maybe I am not working hard enough on the creative composing aspect.Maybe I should just use poetry as my emotional outlet..

    Doc K


  • Ray Kemp said:

    I'm assuming you found this forum, you then had a read and a listen to what's going on here. Following that you applied for and have been granted membership.

    So! why the strange question?

    If you do a search around the members pages and find one or more people writing music that closely matches your idea on what your lyrics need. Talk to them, PM them, see where it takes you. Collaboration isn't a sin.


    I know! Geez!

    Why, then, do I feel so self conscious, so unworthy, seeking compositional help from people who are more capable / qualified?

    But then again, why have none of them offered to even glance at what I have? Even people I know.

    I mean, if it comes down to the money, I am perfectly happy to settle for the lyricist's share.

    Why do I have it in my head that if I can't do it all, from concept to vinyl, that I am somehow second rate?

    I know my lyrics are pretty cool, even though they are more in the pop / folk genre!

    I will do as you say and have a look around at all the others on the members page.


    Doc K



  • Doc K,


    I am not classically trained, in the traditional expression of that slogan, and I tend to write a lot of lyrical pieces (I can't sing to save my life, but that is another story). I wouldn't mind chit chatting about some things, but I am not a very collaborative guy simply on the grounds that my style of music is quite removed from mainstream music and a little too dark for most people's tastes.


    I know more about music technology and production than I do about didactic theory, but I have been playing piano and writing pieces since I was 9 with a genuine love of the art and craft. I have done just fine, but I am completely unqualified to say do an orchestral arrangement or large orchestrated comp. Just shoot me a PM, email, etc.

  • There's plenty of good songs that just use basic progressions, sometimes it's more about the little embellishments added, a unique vocal delivery, good story, etc. By basic progressions I'm assuming you mean 3 or 4 major/minor chords strung together? Including things like seventh and diminished chords can spice things up. As well as adding in chromatic parts, 'blue' notes and the like. I find a good way to do this is to learn a song that has a progression I like, because I often end up learning a new chord and furthermore I can see it in context which is important, rather than just looking up chords on the net and thinking 'how am I gonna use that' :D Lastly, a unique rhythm can set apart even a basic progression. The important thing is to keep trying new things.


    Anyway, sorry if you already knew all this :) Goodluck!

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