• Not bad. Very interesting use of pitch bend in the violins for a warped effect. There's not much development of the themes, though. It sounds more-or-less homogenous throughout, almost like the looped background music.  Probably works OK as a soundtrack or background music, but for a standalone piece, I think there should be more development of the themes, or more variety of material in the middle, so that it's not just the same chord progressions throughout the entire piece (there are only 2-3 chords here that I hear, in pretty much the same sequence throughout -- more variety would be nice). More variation in the instrumentation would also help. Basically, each time something is repeated there ought to be some kind of development or variation, some kind of "hook" to keep the listener's interest.

  • Thanks for that - appreciate the feedback! Part of the challenge for this piece was creating it in one day, so I definitely made use of loops extensively to build the piece out. I think I pretty much built in some kind of development every 8 bars or so, but I agree that more variation would definitely help create more standout.

  • Ah, you didn't mention that it was a 1-day challenge.  It's pretty good for something written in one day, actually. Maybe one of these days, we should run a 1-day contest on this forum and see what folks can come up with. :-)

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