disasters and why you need to backup your stuff

All my scores.
all my work
my back catalog

all my musical sketches are gone...

the only music I have is what was uploaded here.

all my computers, my gear and my backup drives were lost to a house fire.

this leads me to the meat of this post.


and even when you have backups make an extra backup once a month and put it at a friends house and keep complete online back ups also. 


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  • Sorry to hear of your loss.   Especially a house fire.  That must have been pretty damaging to a lot of stuff not the least of which would be the house itself.

  • it was a mobile home.. when they burn it is hot and fast.. 100% loss. thank god for the red cross they put my family up in a motel and got us in HUD housing and the boys club donated us clothing.

    but losing 10 years of music is the most heart braking 

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