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  • I don't typically use monitors when mixing. I do have Dali 606 as reference, but I tend to mix with headphones, Sennheiser HD-650s.

    However, I do agree with you. There wasn't really low bottom.

    I just gained sub 80Hz area (MID) by ~4dB using a master compressor.

    Graph is a really powerful tool and it actually shows what's going on. Although there was material around 40-80Hz, it was just too low compared to the most audible high peak around 90Hz (above graph).

    Here's a reworked version. Would you give it a listen?
    Determined by Artifex 28 @ Soundcloud

    And the new graph.


    Not the first time, I've had too little low end when mixing with headphones. :)

    Thanks for the comment, certainly helped!

  • Was that really necessary, Kristofer?

  • Well, Sub is supposed to handle the 40-80Hz area, no matter of the setup and no matter the type of the audio the LFE is reproducing. If there's plenty of material there, there'll be rumble. If not, then there's not going to be that but whatever there is.

    The difference is that if you are using a 2.0/2.1 or a surround setup.

    You cannot compare 2.0/2.1 mixes with surround ones as the mixing is always done separately.

    This is a 2.0 mix, which naturally can be played with 2.1, but not with surround. If this was mixed for surround it would naturally have a specific LFE track with the "rumble" you are looking for.

  • Oh man, lol. :D

    I would stop making excuses for what?

  • I have to agree with them, it's lacking a lot on the low frequencies and general loudness (is that the version after mastering?). I'm using a pair of Sennheiser HD380Pro which have a really good frequency response. I think you should play more with the samples, maybe combining more sounds to make a fatter kick. Usually to have fat sounds you add a little reverb, play with EQ settings, use parallel compression, cut some useless frequencies to avoid clipping, etc. Try comparing it with this track, which has a different style but could be a good reference model:

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