• Hi Brandon,

    It is beautiful.  The textures are suberp.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Really really liked it! Since I've never listened to saxophone ensemble like this. In times, it reminds me of music by Snarky Puppy, which I'm a huge fan of. I believe this could also be applied to a jazz band as well. But the ensemble like this is an excellent choice. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Brandon,

    Wow, written in 4 hours.

    Sounds really good, very majesctic.



  •  Hi Brandon,

    The colorful and varied orchestration I thought to be the strength of this piece - there are some nice louder vs. quieter sections, high energy sections (mostly with a chromatically descending chord pattern) into low energy/quieter sections, while maintaining a steady pulse throughout so that the piece always maintains momentum. You end as you begin so there is a nice feeling of return. The second strenght to me is that sense of return, which happens throughout, cohesing the piece overall. Nicely done!


  • I enjoyed this on the whole, particularly the lively section starting from 2'37" -- I felt things took a while to warm up. The NotePerformer saxophones are hardly the best for slower music in particular but even so the moody closing pages worked well.

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