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Hello all,

Not sure how to address this because I'm new to getting my work out there and not sure of how it all works. I really want to get others experiences and opinions on this.

I emailed a pianist recently and told her I enjoyed her music and was interested in working with her. I like her style, think it would be a great addition to my piece, and I would love for her to learn it and record it. 

I received a response from her today and it basically read "I'm busy right now with many other projects to take on another for fun, but I am available at another date down the road for a fee of $XXX. Please let me know if you are still interested."

So, nothing weird there, but is this a standard response? I mean she didn't even say if she enjoyed my piece or if she hated it or anything. I don't want any old player to record my music. I am trying to find a player that likes my style and could add their own flair via recording/performance. 

Is it bad etiquette to email back and ask if she enjoyed the piece? What should I do here? I don't mind paying someone to play my music (not sure why she got that impression), but I was hoping for more of a response just to see if we clicked musically. 

Any thoughts?

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H.S. or Stephen,

Care to share some names?

Best wishes to you Bobby and every hope for success! -


Bobby Popolla said:


I was hesitant about sending an mp3 so I sent her a link to my piece. The only thing I attached was the sheet music since I figured she would want to see that. 

Once again, I didn't mean to be disrespectful towards her or be unprofessional. I'm new to this so I just went for it. Perhaps it would have been better if I consulted with the forum before sending out an email.  Live and learn.  Thanks again Gav. I really appreciate you taking the time out to respond with your advice. 


Not's a sensitive area for some so I recommend you follow my initial suggestion and simply ask if any pianists are potentially interested or willing at least to discuss the matter with you. I'm a French horn player (well, was once) so can't help personally.

Bobby Popolla said:

H.S. or Stephen,

Care to share some names?

Will do. Thanks again.

Sorry, I don't remember off the top of my head who they are, all I remember is that they posted recordings of their pieces played by themselves, and they sound pretty good to me. You can probably find them if you scroll through older posts to the Music Analysis & Critique section and look for the piano pieces.

Hi Bobby,

I am a piano composer on this forum and have collaborated with other members on this forum before. It is something I very much enjoy, if the fit between composers is palatable. Right now I am involved in one such collaboration so don't have time for another, but perhaps there might be future opportunities, should you see value in it. I don't charge anything typically because I take these tasks up for fun and not for money (depending on the nature of what you are looking for). My latest collaboration was with Tim Marko, who wrote a melody which I composed the harmony for. That piece may be found here if you want to see a sample of how that worked out -

Best -


Hi Gav,

I don't know why, but I just saw this post. My apologies. Usually, my phone alerts me when I have a message. Weird.

Anyway, I just finished listening to 5dozen. It was excellent and fun!

Working on any collaborations currently? Let me know.

Hi Bobby,

Glad you enjoyed! I am indeed working on a collaboration with another composer right now and hope to post the results when complete -


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