'Daughters of Isha' (VST-orchestral)

First of all, I'm new to the forum, so warm welcome to everyone. I regret I haven't found this place earlier!


So, to start off, I thought I'll throw in my new piece for some constructive critique :) As the title states, it's an orchestral piece, but made mostly through layering various VSTs, since I lack any of those expensive libraries that are out there.


Anyway, I wanted to ask for an opinion on two things
1) How do those layered VSTs sound? Hard for me to judge, to be honest. I tried to make them as close as possible to real instruments. 
2) Since I do all the recording on my own and I'm still learning all about the production process, I'm curious if you guys could have any tips or tricks to make the sound quality better. Also, If I'm doing something wrong and you'll notice it during the listening, by all means, please, do point it out. I'd be gratefull.


Of course, all general comments on the piece are welcome as well!

Hope you'll enjoy the music!


(As a side note - english is not my native language, so please forgive me any mistakes I make ;) ).

Daughters of Isha.mp3

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  • sounds are pretty good, obviously its hard to make a synth choir sound like real people.... but you did your best. the staccato cello/double bass could do with a bit more grunt.... perhaps have double bass and cello doubling those notes. they just sound a little bit 'flat'  also your English is really good!:D


    what is your native language then?

  • Hey, Tom! Thanks for the comment!

    Point taken. I have some trouble with having bass sounding more clear and natural. I'm still working on it, tbh. Experimenting with VSTs proved to be fruitless so far. I guess it's high time to get some good quality samples. Doubling the bass won't do either, since every instrument I use is in fact several layers of VSTs and having an additional set would simply kill my CPU. Samples seem to be the only option here.

    Anyway, thanks for your time! Hope you enjoyed the music!

    Btw, my native language is polish.


  • I think it's a good piece, but when you get better instruments we'll be able to tell better. I think the orchestration and composition are good though.
  • Thanks for the reply, James! I know instruments are an issue. The trouble is buying decent sample libraries with an average polish salary is next to impossible :) I'm saving, though. And since I'm not considering illegal downloading, it may take a while... sadly.

  • Have you looked at the "set up a studio with zero budget"? But for a relatively cheap choir plugin check out Vienna - Full choir £375, or just Sopranos for £83, if you're not already using that...
  • Yeah, I'm experimenting with some of the stuff linked there right now :) Still, it's not all zero budget. I still got one year till MA in english philology. After that it'll be being a teacher (out of the wuestion) on translation. I had some experience on the latter, but it's all about your aqueitances or working for a salary worse than supermaket cashier's. It's really hard to get together a decent PC, let alone to gather a quality sample library, when all the prices are same as abroad. £375 for Vienna (which I really do like) is more than I make in a month. Damn, when I was In Scotland I could've afford it in two weeks time. Hell.. One has to make do with what he has. There's a long road ahead of me before I start earning money by selling my music. But I'm not a quitter :) I won't give up so easily.
  • Fredrick, I'll try that as soon as possible! Thanks for the advice! Btw, I havent't listened to Shostakovitch for ages now. It's high time, I correct that mistake. :)
  • you seem to know all the tricks ...

    I suppose the rationale is that doubling these notes with a different timbre you get more harmonics so the sound is richer ...

    of course it is a different sound ( btw ... I would perhaps have a pizzicato rather than a staccato in this piece ) ...

    working with VSTs one has to compromise ( not to say to cheat ... ) ...

    Fredrick zinos said:

    To get the "pop" into the basses and celli, do what Shostakovitch did, add bassoons and contra basson on the accented notes.  
    'Daughters of Isha' (VST-orchestral)
    First of all, I'm new to the forum, so warm welcome to everyone. I regret I haven't found this place earlier!   So, to start off, I thought I'll thro…
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