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I have posted another solo Jazz piano tune here and at my website. I would be glad to answer questions from anyone whether you yourself are a Jazz player or if you play a different genre. I also welcome any kind of critique, positive or negative.


To the moderators: I hope that posting solo Jazz piano improvisations is acceptable within the rules of the forum. I realize that it is requested that members post a written attachment along with the downloaded audio. Not everything that I play is written although every piece that I play always has a "lead sheet" which one improvises over. Would it aid the listener if I attached a copy of the lead sheet and would that be sufficient? I am hoping to encourage discussion as to what type of preparation one goes through using a lead sheet to improvise an old standard. I also have original pieces that I have written lead sheets for.


Would greatly appreciate any comments or direction from anyone....    




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Hello Dan, your improvisations are soulful, soothing, and very attractive. Do not be afraid of the moderators. I am almost pure improviser too (although in different style), and still was not slapped for this in this forum.

In my personal experience, the results of improvisation often have inconsistent or messy music form, which is crucially important for composed pieces. To overcome this, one can use MIDI results of improvisation sessions (for which you obviously need a good MIDI keyboard and DAW). You then can =compose= music by combining, arranging, editing and tweaking your MIDI records, after which you also can create a traditional readable music score. Sorry if I speak trivial things that you know. Continue with your good work!

P.S. I do not recommend trying to MIDI-record real (acoustic) grand piano. Try to be accustomed to good modern electronic keyboards, which, with good audio equipment, are very close to a real grand piano.


Hi Chris,


I do not know if "Darn T--t Dr--m" is public domain but I would imagine that it is not. I guess instead of downloading it to the Composers Forum web site I could ask people to visit my site where I post my tunes. And then post a link back to the Composer's Forum....


Played many bars, lobbies, restaurants, when I was younger and have so many stories I've actually considered writing a book about it. But you know, there is always someone who is actually listening believe it or not. However they are not in the majority. Stopped gigging several years ago and now like many musicians became a Programmer. I work seven to four, and then I am able to come home and practice for about two hours. After that I begin to fade. But, I get to play all day Fridays and the weekends...


Looking forward to taking part in many discussions on the forum. And, I do have a few things that I wrote which are written out but do not have them worked up. BTW, is it possible to upload original material to the forum but block folks from downloading? Even though I have copywritten my stuff just trying to further protect it. Just curious.


Thanks for listening and for your compliments Chris







That's cool, I understand... 

If anyone wants to listen to some of my improvisations on Standards I have a couple posted at


Folks, please remember to use your back button to return to Composer's Forum. I will be posting a link soon.


Thanks Chris,


Hi Dan! Huges from Brazil!
I can't (I don't know why) hear your arrangement for "Darn that Dream", I love that tune man!
How can I hear you?
I grabbed that tune over a Jamey Aebersold backingtrack, check it out in
I love Jazz, maybe we can interchange some informations hehehe


Dan, I listened to your DANS PIANO JAzz website, and your left hand is amusing. But I could not find the Darn That Dream.

Any help?


Wesley Lawrence Curry II said:

Dan, I listened to your DANS PIANO JAzz website, and your left hand is amusing. But I could not find the Darn That Dream.

Any help?




Sorry for taking so long to respond back.

I posted Darn That Dream here back in '11. I used to have it on my website but took it down as well as many others.

Been involved with a lot of projects and have been doing a lot of transcribing. My playing has changed considerably (good or bad, I don't know.....) since 2011. My goal is to start posting tunes that I record in my studio to my web page, but right now I am not sure when. I'd like to say, when I feel ready, but when would that ever be? You know?

Perhaps I should just "bite the bullet" and try and record something to post. I will work on Darn That Dream.

Thanks very much for your inquiry. It means a great deal to me.


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