• it's very sombre and beautiful. I love the dark string sounds with the middle register of the piano.
    the discordant piano chords at 1:03 make for a nice transition and introduction for the wind instruments.
    the pulse of the last third of the composition really highlights the denouement.
  • first thoughts are that the string sound sounds so very synthetic in a non pleasing way. If you dont have access to better strings, I would use more synth sounds instead, but right now it sounds very like a JV-2080 making the strings. Percussion as well. There is nothing wrong with synth sounds, but in todays world you have to either use amazing samples of live instruments or stuff that is synth and stands on its own as being synths.

    As for the composition, i cringed as you started with the V-I going to IV-vii in the low strings. I think you can find something richer to set up your piece. Especially when you get to the nice dissonant crunchy stuff about mid point. Setting it up is important.

    Overall its not bad but I can tell from the complexity of some of the textures that you could spend more time on this and turn it into something special. Also the ending is abrupt and out of place.

    Keep going with it ;-)
    • I don't exactly know what V-I and IV-vii means. And I always have trouble with endings. I can almost never figure out how to end a song.

      And I'm on an extremely low budget, and the best I can get is Finale PrintMusic's built in sounds. I much rather would have bad sounding strings than normal synthesizers (apart from the fact that I can't really get those either).
      • your first bass motif, you go to the fifth (a fourth down from the starting note) and then you come up, then you do the same motion 1 whole step below it. Its lacking in luster to begin a piece, makes it sound somewhat elementary.

        As for your sounds, I am sorry you are working with finale, but if your intent is to have your composition played with a live orchestra than it will serve you well. Otherwise you will not find a place for compositions rendered as audio from finale, other than for your own self pleasure. The sound quality just has no place in any commercial market today

        And to be honest, if you dont understand V-I and IV-vii and you are attempting to write classical based orchestral music with a score editing tool, you really really need to take some basic theory: harmony, counterpoint, etc. If you were just going for a beatnik ear approach thats cool but you are using the wrong tools then

        You have interesting ideas in fleeting moments and some solid concepts in places. I urge you to develop this now with classes, lessons, lots of listening, buy scores and learn what the masters are doing, etc
  • I am taking music classes, I listen to tons of soundtrack, orchestral, and classical music, do study any scores I can get my hands on, and play in a community symphony. My goal isn't to get into the commercial market. I compose music because I like to.
  • ahh I didnt see your age. My man! That is excellent work at your age! :-) I still suggest when you can to get some music theory and composition lessons as it will help you greatly. You say your goal isnt to get into a commercial market. But who is it for? If it is just for you then any of my comments mean nothing. But then why do you post it in a forum intended to dissect compositions? Doesnt music that is made "because I like to" always still imply that someone other than you will listen to it and those people will either understand your message (which is always a very pure one from the composers soul) or they will be distracted because of certain imperfections? Think on this a little bit perhaps. Because this answer will answer a chain of other questions you should be having about yourself and life as you grow to adulthood. But whatever you do, keep it up!
    • I mean I like to compose music and like people to listen to it and tell me what they think, but I am not planning to sell it or attempt to get it into mass market. I do play my music on my podcast, and release it as podsafe music, because I'm a big creative commons fan.
      • regardless, the same things that distract your message commercially distract your message artistically. Like your opening theme. Is it really good enough for the complexity and richness of that dissonance you put out about mid-way? I think it does not set up your message well and can be crafted in a way that brings your mind for a full journey of *your* message, *your* soul. And when the sounds are that distinctly fake, I would search for other means. There is free stuff out there if you search for it.
  • Fantastic work, although there does seem to be an unusual jump between the woodwinds & piano and where the strings & brass come in.

    As for the ending, I struggle with them too, although in this case I would recommend extending those notes a bit - maybe double the length might work?

    Apart from that, a great song :) I particularly like the melody in the ending section, would be fun to play.
    • I'm thinking of redoing the song and take into account the comments I've recieved so far! And thanks for the suggestions!
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