Dare Alla Luce (Give To The Light)

This song was inspired by the film "Under The Tuscan Sun", by the music of Ludovico Einaudi, specifically from his work "Reverie" and by other more personal situations that do not need to be discussed here.
Any and all comments on how I might improve on this work would be greatly appreciated.
ciao, Dan

Dare Alla Luce (Give To The Light).mp3

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  • Okay,  I'm trying to figure out why there are no responses and yet over 20 views of my song.
    I did check to make sure that the player is working.
    Could someone please tell me if I've broken any protocols?
    Does the song need so much improving that one cannot decide on where to start?

  • Hi Dan, sorry you haven't gotten any responses yet. Sometimes this happens. For my own self, I will not generally comment on a piece if it is in a style I don't listen to. I also generally do not comment if I don't like a piece, because I don't think I have anything positive to offer the composer. Hope you don't find it too discouraging, we've all faced it

  • Hi Dan, I really like this piece. It's got a real pensive quality to my ear, as if someone's got a lot on their mind.   It's the repeated figure in the right and that's mostly doing it for me.  The mid section offers a nice solace or repose, and I catch the Tuscan Sun influence.  Nice form and flow.  Nice piece, Dan.

    I actually came upon this piece after reading through a thread in the tech section where you mentioned you use Miroslav. I do as well, and would love to have some chit chat about that beast if you're open.  I'll send you a friend request, and in the mean time, enjoy the unexpected bump.  Who knew.  Right? ;)


  • Hi Dan, I like the tone of the(was it an electric) piano and the

    mood of the whole piece. It would work very nicely with a short

    video also.

    I thought it ended a measure or two short of a complete finish.

    (w/o a score it just 'felt' that way to me.)  good job       RS

  • Very nice! Although this isn't exactly the genre of music I usually listen to, I think you did a good job capturing the pensive feeling, like Dave said, as of someone with a lot on their mind. The repeated figure in the right certainly serves as a unifying motif embodying this feeling throughout the piece.

    Contrary to what Roger said, I don't think it ended too early... I think the abrupt ending followed by the closing sound effects reinforces the mood of the entire piece, an unresolved emotion that reflects the unresolved thoughts depicted by the piece.

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