• Hi, Christophe,

    Yes, I liked it and, yes, it does dance in a way. In fact what I particularly liked was the way the "beat" came and went. Sometimes it was lost through longer sustained notes/chords but returned again, almost as if the dance was seen through a mist with perhaps dancers floated along in it. Slightly impressionist (to me).

    My only crit is that I'd have liked some variation in the tonality but that's just me - it has a nice continuity as it is. With some variation or a second theme it could be lengthened. String quartets are often present at receptions and social events and while this piece wouldn't work as a formal dance as things stand, it's a tableau/picture of a dance unfolding in some pleasant setting.

    If you do decide to lengthen it or compose another, longer one, I'd be most pleased to listen...with my eyes closed. :)

    Thank you.

  • Hello Christophe

    It's a nice piece, with several interesting and diverse ideas - and this diversity makes very little dance-like in my perception: indeed it is "lively", as I guess you see a dance in it, but this liveliness is discontinuous - and I must say that I really like it this way, as the piece feels like a series of alternating moods and emotions, opposite even.

    What software are you using? Perhaps a little more legato and smoothness/graduality when changing dynamics would help.

  • Hi Valerio and thank you for having taken the time to give me your opinion.

    A little more contrast in dynamics is defenitly in order, but i don't want to change the tonality not one bit. It's a short piece and a single tonality helps the trance.

    Now is it really a dance? Not sure but my body moved so that's always a good sign.

    The second dance I wrote is even lesser of a dance,but as belgian painter Renée Magritte would have said : "this is not a pipe".

    Have a great one!


  • Hi Cristophe.

    It has a little of a feeling of dance. What might be helpful is too have an ostinato of some sorts that is moving throughout the piece and in-between parts. This allows for motion even at slower tempos and a big part of dances even stylized dances are the consistent rhythmic structure.

    Hope this helps

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