Cubase 6

Because I don't have enough RAM capacity on my computer to load up as many instruments/articulations as I wish to without bits of the music stuttering,  I have to work on a main template, and then for audio mixdown, I have to turn 3 or 4 sections into audio tracks to that I can hear the whole track without interruption.

This isn't too much of a problem in itself, but I would like to know how to mix the audio tracks from there on.  For example, if I've created 4 audio tracks on to a new project:  Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and Strings.... and everything's fine except where there's a horn playing against string accompaniment, I would like the horn to have a bit more volume.   How would I accomplish this?

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  • You've no chance of annoying me, after what I've been through this last year, Ray.  I haven't been away for nothing you know.

    Ray Stirling said:

    No luck Simon,

    You've not been around much and I've been struggling finding people to annoy lol



    Cubase 6
    Because I don't have enough RAM capacity on my computer to load up as many instruments/articulations as I wish to without bits of the music stutterin…
  • Thanks Ray, I'll check all that out.  I've just set the M-Audio card to 1024.  I'm not sure I can upgrade the RAM to more than 4GB, so how do I set the play engine to "min loaded samples max streaming?"

    I don't actually have an Intel Q6600, it's an "AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor 2.90GHz", but I never would have thought that CPU was a problem, although I could well be wrong.


  • Okay, nice one Ray.  I'll make enquiries with Hewlett Packard and see if the motherboard's 2 RAM slots can take higher RAM sticks.  Although "really cheap motherboard with only 2 no. ram slots" might be the case.

    When you say a different 'play' instance for each instrument, I trust you mean 'instrument' and not 'articulation'.

    If all said and done, I am not able to use x64 Cubase 6.  Is there anything to be gained by using x32 Cubase SE?

  • Good idea, I'll get installed immediately.

  • Ray, I can't thank you enough.  I've now got Cubase 6 (32 bit) going, and I've built an orchestral template using one instance of play per instrument with my sound card set to 1024.  There are no hanging notes and when checking the task manager, it seems that a hell of a lot of CPU is being used (about 45% which isn't a problem because I've got plenty, with it being quad core) but I'm using less than 2 gigs of RAM, which is ideal.  The only hiccup (which isn't really a problem) is that all sound is taken away from any other applications that I use, until I restart my PC.

    What exactly is the advantage of 64 bit over 32 bit anyway?

  • I am glad you are sorted out, but your comment about using one instance of Play per instrument - is this right?

    I use one instance of Play per instrument group  - e.g woodwinds, strings etc. For each instance there are sixteen channels available.

     To do this, make sure that each instrment in Play is set to its own MIDI channel (not omni) and also make sure that the Cubase track is set to the same MIDI channel. In the instrument rack of the MIDI channel (dont use instrument tracks) you will see a tiny button next to the Play instance, click this and enable the amount of channels you need to use (again up to sixteen) this will ensure that each track has a seperate output and its not all coming out the same stereo pair

     I also use folder tracks for each gruop and set up a Mixer view for each gruop also. There are some EWQL templates at Riveted studios which might be a basic start and some expression maps.

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