Critique Wanted: "Kingdom Finale"

Hey! I just wanted some criticism for a score I recently created. I wanted it to have a kind of closing boss battle kind of vibe. It's very minimalistic, with only a piano, a trumpet, and a drum set. It begins with a piano opening, starting the piece off with a dark, 'you've reached the end' feeling, and then it kicks off into full gear with the trumpet kicking in eighteen bars into the piece. 

I'm an amateur composer with no professional education (I'm still in High School), and I'm completely self taught. I've learned a few things simply by listening to orchestral pieces, looking at their sheet music and trying to figure out how it was all put together.

Please be as descriptive and critical as possible. I'm always looking for ways to improve. If you want to help even further than just critiquing this piece, I will gladly take suggestions for schools or tutorials online on music theory, or even how to start making money from it. I will be very grateful for any sort of help.


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  • Hi Ty,

    First of all, welcome to the forum! You are brave to post your first piece, that can be a challenge, and somewhat scary, thanks for sharing. The piece does seem to reflect a beginning composer, nothing wrong with that, we all have to start somewhere. I get that you have a general theme of excitement here, and can hear the “boss battle” vibe coming from the piece, so I think you got the overall effect that you are looking for. A couple of things struck me about the piece which I thought to share with you in case it is helpful.

    1) There are several places where the music stops which struck me as unusual - it felt like just dead space, and I wanted to hear something in that space instead of the silence that is there, for example, measures 7, 16, 25, and 44.

    2) The left hand accompaniment is ok, but repetitive. In classical music it would be a no-no, and you would be expected to introduce more variation in therms of different chords, typically in alternating groups of 2, 4, or 8 bars. In rock music it is acceptable to repeat the same chords as much as you like, but you would want to introduce more rhythmic variety, either by breaking up the chords into individual notes or by some other method.

    Your online tool for playing the music is a bit of a challenge to use, not that it doesn’t work, just that it produces a low-fidelity score that interfered with my ability to understand your piece. Suggest you look into getting a notation program, or as some do, a digital audio workshop (DAW), which many modern composers like to use.

    Best to you and keep posting, you’re beginning a long journey!

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