I am Steve. I am a Sound Engineer and a composer from Vancouver, Canada. I make fantasy music and am currently working on a project called Lost Worlds.

This is  part 6 of lost worlds,  currently i have completed 7 parts of what i expect to be about 10 total.

Any advice / critism / tips from seasoned vets or begginers alike? thanks


06 Rising Sun.mp3

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  • Thanks for thanking your time to listen.  Its a picture from a free wallpaper site, so i don't know for sure if its Australia, tho it does look like it could be.

    I really appreciate your thoughts.  I'm using an L2 in the mastering phase, and hitting it around 3-4dB limiting at the loud parts.  I guess thats too much for this material and will be more conservative in the future.  I have heard of Two steps from hell and will study their work.    Point taken on the drums,  i guess that would give some room for the other instruments in the top end.  thanks again, steve

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