Creating Habits

I'm curious because I've been writing music lately after the release of my first album from November 2012 and because I'm crazy and all... I want to work on a brand new album. I was curious though, because I kind of broke out of a habit because my work hours have changed and now I feel like I have to form a new habit in order to compose. So I was wondering what do you guys do to create a new habit?

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  • Yes, life and events are always shifting, disrupting my good habits.  When I am not productive, (like now hahaha), I write down a schedule, then try to stay with it for a few days, eventually some of the actions become habitual again, but never for long.

  • Pretty solid responses. I guess my main problem is the fact that when I sit down after hours of work, I realize that everything that I write is I'm not satisfied with. SO I also know that forcing it is not a good way to go about composing. 

  • My recollection, probably from reading some Pop-Psychology book or another, is that habits in general are formed by repetition. i.e. if you do the thing repeatedly then it becomes a habit. If you want to do something at a particular time, set up a reminder for yourself. After a couple of weeks, it will become automatic. Good luck :)

  • I felt this way when I moved to Houston and began working 9 hrs a day, whereas before I moved here I was working part time and had ample amount of time to compose. What I did was find a café that I really liked and made it a point to get coffee after work about 4 times a week (at least). I always bring my manuscript paper to the café and without anyone there that I know distracting me, I can compose in peace. So far, I have been composing a piece for solo piano almost entirely at that same café. I find it soothing to get out of the house and studio/office and find a place where I can relax and write music over a cup of great coffee. I used to rely on Sibelius, but learned that putting the music on manuscript paper directly from my head was so much more effective. So, to answer your question, if you like coffee, find a café and bring manuscript paper there and compose the night away...until they close of course, haha.

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