Hello all! I made this little song a few months back, but just completed my planned idea for the video recently. This is inspired by the soundtrack to the video game Minecraft, for those who are familiar with it. I made it completely with Spitfire Labs instruments in FL Studio. Would love some feedback!

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  • Hey, Layne,

    Good work, things well balanced and the scoring and flow were good. I'd file this under minimalist, like Glass and Nyman.

    The only thing that detracted, and this is just an opinion - others may think differently - was the ostinato in the treble. It sounded vaguely alto-flute like but was probably synthesised. It started to get a little annoying but you turned it off in the last few bars...good!

    I like the way you synched the video, changing image on each bar/phrase - well, each change of bass chord anyway.

    Well done from the production side as well. I don't know if Tim will be back to comment. He's one for the production values.


    • Thank you so much for the feedback! Glad to hear you liked it. The video was a ton of fun to put together and sync on beat!

      Finding ways to vary and limit those repetitive parts is something that I very much need to work on. I agree that it does get to be a bit too much throughout the song now that you mention it.


      • Yes, you turned the ostinato off at 1'07" approx and it was when it restarted at 1'21" that I thought 'oh no!" because I realised on the second play that the piano (sounds like you have two piano sounds, one more dominant) was engaging because it was bleak - or maybe bare is a better word but has some interesting twists in it - it does some rhythmic syncopation here and there which is engaging.

        About that ostinato, maybe scoring it for a different instrument the second time - or turning it upside down or back to front or any combination may work. It would still relate if based around the same notes. \However, changing just a couple of the notes might also work.


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