Contest coming: Who's interested?

Hello folks - there is a contest which will be coming in June, just wanted to check in with you to get an idea of who might be interested in participating. I've been working with another composer on this site - they will provide a single-note melody, and entrants will provide harmony. As usual, the contest will be voted on by the membership of this site. There will also be a separate vote - the composer of the melody will pick their top three pieces and offer commentary. If you think you might be interested in participating, please sound off - it will help the composer (who, just to clarify, is *not* me) to get energized. Feel free also to ask any questions about the contest or offer commentary -

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  • Am I missing something here, or are you suggesting a melody harmonization contest?

  • Yes

  • Yeah, harmonization itself is pretty boring. I guess we could push it further into something like turn-this-melodic-line-into-a-whole-piece contest. If the restrictions on what can be done to the melody are well thought over, this might end up being interesting.

  • I think the creative minds on this forum can find differing ways to work with the melody that will keep it from being boring or repetitious. When I say "harmonize," BTW, I mean "accompany" - any accompaniment will do. There won't be any restrictions in terms of instrumentation. Oliver I haven't heard the melody yet so I can't comment on some of your points.

  • Yes I'd be interested, whatever it is.

  • It sounds boring like this. But, to spice it up, the melody can be used for writing a theme and variations. The restriction being that the melody should be presented as given in the theme, with whatever harmony and instruments one might choose, and then a set of variations within a certain limit, ie min. 3 and max 6 or whatever. The entries would be judged based on how they treat the original melody in the theme, and the relevance and skill of each variation with the original. Writting variations is quite the challenge, so that would be fun.

  • Yes, it's always good to energize your fellow composers.

  • I like the idea of theme and variations

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