This is a new piece for probably violin and piano (although I'm flexible - other instruments can play the melody).

The aim was to write a piece with long, held notes that could be played expressively by the player.

There is also a very short interlude/ development section and a recapitulation, so I think of this as a tuneful little pretend-sonata.

On the subject of tunes, my music is shamelessly melodic, so if you don't like things a little middle of the road, it's not for you. However, I do still try to have musical interest within my tunes.

I hope you take the time to listen and comment.

An east-west version will come soon, but for now it is only sibelius sounds - sorry.



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  • This is fantastic! It's like one of those pieces you listen to, and you don't know why it wasn't written until now. If that makes sense. Honestly the only things I would change about it are just some little things to improve the sound quality and make it a bit more realistic sounding. I assume you're using Sibelius since you're using SSE. But, one thing I always do is go into Play - Performance and set Expressivo to "Meccanico", change the reverb to "Cathedral", turn up the reverb on all the instruments in the mixer to about 60%-70% depending on how it sounds, and add system pedalings. 

    I even add pedal to instruments like marimba, glock, xylo, whatever, and then hide them in the score. Personally I just think it's the best way to get a nice, full, rich sound out of something that would otherwise sound rather staccato. 

    As far as the piece itself goes though, I love it! :)


  • thank, Allison, a proper recording using East West VSTs will be coming in the next few days.

  • Nice melodies Adrian.  Have you considered making this for voice?  It is very "songy".  I love her soooooo, she makes me gloowwww, something like that, ha ha.  Notationally, I would put the main part right hand in the bass clef so you don't have to have that odd split between left and right (starting measure 5). The switch to 5/4 at the end seems a bit unnecessary, since the measure has fermatas, you could probably keep it in four and put in a breath mark for the fermata rest.  Musically, measure 11 in the violin sounds a bit awkward to me, like maybe the violin should stay on the D, or maybe the turn figure should be different somehow if you want it to stay on the B.  I really like the unexpected switch to Eb at the end, as if the contemplation ends with a question, or some sort of revelation perhaps.  My only other critique would be that the piano part could use a bit of fancying up, at this stage a lead sheet might come out just as good or better than the textures you ended up with, provided you have a good pianist reading the lead sheet of course.  Nice piece of work.

  • thanks for the detailed reply, Tom.

    I will look through the score and make revisions, based on what you say, what others say, and what I also think. I take the point about some of the notational issues - good advice, thanks. Yes, it could be for voice, but I had in mind an expressive string instrument that makes it "sing" very vocally - I am also considering cello, which many consider the most expressive string instrument.

  • Hi Jon thanks for the comments.

    I hope that the violin's sound problems are due to the inferior samples that come with sibelius.

    All your other comments are taken on board and I will be reviewing the piece with a fresh set of ears soon.

  • sounds really, really good, ray - thanks so much. Respect if you have done this by ear rather than the sheet music.

    I have that library, yes, but my computer has crashed so I'm down to a laptop - might try to load cubase and east west on my laptop.

    On the subject of note values - you have a good point.I'm wondering if there is some room for manoeuvre even with the score - as people always have some liberty in reading a score, so long as the beat is fairly secure. I will give your suggestion serious thought, though.



  • The piano that you did is accurate in terms of harmony - just at a higher part of piano - mine was in the crossover between left and right hands - but it works just as well.

    I will have a go with VST instruments, but I can't do songs at all, as I can never think of words, even though this piece is very vocal sounding. I'm pleased to say it has been well received on a few other forums.

    poor old united - but it's all a money game when all's said and done (who can afford the best players).

  • I think you have set yourself the challenge of coming up with this music's twin sister.

    Until that point, it has to be innocent until proven guilty.

    Plagiarism is quite a serious accusation to make. By the way, I do have a very good knowlege of popular songs and a house overflowing with music, and I was not aware I was copying, consciously or subconsciously.

  • Eh?- I'd like to know what other people think, but apart from a similar sort of "mood" this sounds nothing like mine!

    I feel quite vindicated, in fact.

  • Wow, Adrian, you better write a royalty check right away!  

    yeah, I don't hear it either, this accusation smells like a revenge critique, I don't know anything about any background between the two of you though so I'll shut up.

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