Hi guys,

As this is my first post; a big hello from Norway! I am a freelance sound designer/ composer here in Oslo, Norway.

A few months back, I released three tracks digitally (no physical sales) on CD Baby, and have earned a little money on them with digital downloads here and there. Now, they have an "Sync-Licensing opt-in", which, according to their website:

"When a song is licensed for sync, a fee is paid to the songwriter/publisher for the usage of the underlying composition, AND to the copyrighter owner of the master recording for the use of the track."

"If you wrote the song and haven’t sold the rights, you are the publisher. If you own the recording you are the copyright holder. In this case you would get paid both royalties."

Now, they have told me I cannot upgrade to CD Baby Pro and get publishing royalty collection on behalf of their partner, Rumblefish (an independently owned music licensing company based in the US also) as this service is for US/ Canadian artists only. 

What I do not understand is, how European artists collect their royalties outside of their home country?

I am a member of TONO here in Norway (a sister organisation to the PRS in the UK) but what if, for example, one of my tracks get licensed to be used in a TV show or movie in the US or Japan (or where ever);  how do I keep a track or even know that it has been licensed?

I have been approached by a small UK based production company that wants to use two tracks I have for sale on CD Baby and I informed them they needed to get a IPC blanket licence through the PRS in London.

I'm still not sure if this was the right thing to do.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi Dallas and welcome to CF.

    I think the best answer will come directly from PRS...your post probably doesn't even need editing, just send it to them as it is.

    I'm in the UK and am probably just as confused as you with regard to worldwide royalty payments. When you get a response from PRS I'd be very pleased to be copied in on their reply.

    Good luck.


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