In the context of the war going on in Ukraine I repost the second part of my Concerto Picoolo, which is based on a Ukrainian folksong (about Stepon, a Ukrainian soldier).

In honor of the couragious and brave Ukrainian people, here is the song again (Original text and music by Ukrainian poet: Mykola Nehoda and composer: Anatoly Pashkevych).





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  •  Nice one, Jos. It sounds baleful but flows well. I liked the way it came to a semi-close around 3'11" to give way to a violin solo before building up again. I dare say the troubles in Ukraine are inspiring a fair bit of art at the moment so this is apt.

    It isn't often one comes across an accordion concerto.

    A pleasant listen even if it meant reflecting on the horrendous situation out there.



  • Thanks Dane.

    I received the song from a friend of mine (choir director) who asked me to play it on accordeon to accompany her choir. I was so thrilled by the melody and the chord successions that I almost immediately concluded to use it in my accordion concerto. But the information I had at that time said that it was a Russian song. Luckily another friend (Ukrainian professional accordion player) picked it up and wrote me that it was an original Ukrainian song, not a Russian one, written by both an Ukrainian composer and poet. I have performed it many times as choir accompaniment and it the entire concerto was performed 2 years ago by a symphony orchestra in my village. The soloist was a female bayan player (= button accordion). She studied in Moscou and Amsterdam and is now married to the violin/viola player who was concert master in my chamber orchestra. It's a small world sometimes.

    The mentioned accordion player from Ukraine was interested to come over and play it as well, but that would have been a rather expensive enterprise(soloist and orchestra...) But now, I guess he will have other troubles to deal with...

    Thanks for listening,


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