Hi Everyone,


I didn't compose anything for strings or Orchestra for a while, so this is my new

Concerto In G minor No. 2

The Artwork is my original Abstract painting Untitled 

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 18" x 24" x 0.75"








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  • Nice work Saul!

    • Thank you Tim!

  • Little I can say about the music, Saul. It comes across initially as Baroque but the tempo gathers pace throughout the first part.

    It all comes across with clarity and the usual harmonic assurance of your work. The dynamic variation is notable in the second part and the change of metre around the 4'50 mark. I'm still unsure of my reaction to that - basically it seemed fine but perhaps could have developed a little more. But it's your work and you, thus, are the arbiter.

    However, your art style is changing. You seem to be blending "abstract" (in considering this particular work) with impressionistic canvases. Such is my impression. This result is quite beautiful allowing me to absorb several scenic metaphors. Shame I can't see it at full size. Your canvases are getting larger and I still think you work wonders with acrylic.



    • Thanks Dane,


      Well I too think that the ending section could have been developed.

      As for the art, I must say that my art is experimental and adventerous and not limited to one particular style, I wouldnt call it changing but perhaps develping.

      This particular work reminds me of collage thus you're remark that you can see several scenic metaphors as you put it makes a lot of sense.


      Glad you liked it!





  • Wonderful work, Saul.

    For myself I made 2 remarks: the first violins come extremely to the foreground (a bit too much...) and the overal reverb is to my ears somewhat too overwhelming.

    The composition itself stands! Very well done.


    • Thanks Jos!

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