Not sure if I submitted this already. Written last year and had enough time to ferment in my e-music fridge.

More in line with Leroy Anderson than Vivaldi so it's light music. I switched "humanise" on for the trumpet so it sounds like he needs a bit of practice to get his intonation right.

Fell free to criticise as fervently as you will. All criticism is truly appreciated.

Trumpet Concerto131120 - 192.mp3

01 - Concertino for High Trumpet - Trumpet Concerto 3scoreprep.pdf

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  •  what is one to criticise? This miniature is simply a delight. At what level did you set the trumpet detune out of interest? It works rather well.

    • Hello David,

      Thank you indeed for that. Much appreciated. I'm sometimes given to reverting to tonal music, perhaps as a relief from the more chromatic things I usually work on. It's why I fear falling into a major key - it'll soon turn into light music! 

      Again, thanks. 

      • there is light music which is light because it is superficial and light music which is light because it wants to bring a sense of lightness to the listener. Yours is definitely in the second category. No harm in the occasional major key (although even I tend mostly to a degree of tonal ambiguity).


        • Apologies, I was interrupted while looking up the "humanising". I'm using VSL Pro as the player and the intonation setting is at 100 along with the amount of effect, also 100, hence a few 'not quite' notes.

          • OK -- 100 is highish. I used to play around with this a bit when I still used VI Pro but since switching to the Synchron player, I've somewhat overlooked this feature (it's possible the scaling is different, I'm not quite sure). Perhaps I should experiment a bit.


  • Hi Dane,

    It's not often that I hear something which is evocative of the Baroque, Penny Lane, Hoyt Curtin (house composer of Hanna Barbara), and Gershwin, but you've managed it. There are some places in it I had some challenge to understand, such as the cadenza, (but perhaps your syncopation is just throwing me off and a little closer listen might clear that up), but overall, I like this piece and in my estimation it shows real talent. In particular the melody is delightful and your harmony seems spot-on to me. There is also a sense of forward motion and development in the piece which I quite like.

    I make note that having heard a number of your works over time that this is quite different from what you often post here. It's all a matter of opinion of course, and perhaps I am revealing more about myself than I am about you, but this strikes me as the most promising avenue for you of what I have heard.

    Thanks for posting!



    • And thank you, Gav. 

      Yes, I write light music from time to time. I like to keep in touch with more standard harmony, melody and so on often when I get fatigued by the chromatic lines I usually work in. I've submitted a few pieces like this in my time here. More in line with the commercial bits I get. And I'm naturally pleased something of mine makes sense!

      Thanks again.

  • Hi Dane!

    I'm not really a fan of trumpets in the high register, so I may not be the best to criticize the solo part, however I do appreciate the whole string section, which passes on smoothly despite its being diverse and challenging in between its different instrument lines - which is, I believe, on the main points of being a composer.

    I agree that it is a very light work. However, why are you afraid of reverting into tonal composing? It does not have to be light hearted simply because it has a tonal center.

    Best of luck with your future works

  • An enjoyable little piece. Very much liked the style.

    I do think that for such a short piece the trumpet should be playing more, weaving in and out while others have the main theme. And, somewhat contradictory I know, thought the cadenza could be shorter.

  • Very nice, Dane! You managed to blend the tone world of the Baroque with the casualness of the modern, in a delightful little package.  Only my first listen, so I don't have anything to criticize (yet?). Maybe later when I have time to follow along the score more carefully. Thanks for sharing this little gem!

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